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Every step of the way home.

Our highly experienced team is happy to assist you with all steps in your residential or commercial real estate transactions. From first time home buyer purchases to complex commercial financing, we can do it all. We pride ourselves on working closely with realtors, mortgage brokers and others so that your transaction goes smoothly and meets your needs.

How we can assist you.

  • Residential Transactions
  • Commercial Transactions
  • Refinance Transactions
  • Complex Transactions
  • Native Land Titles
  • Mobile Home Transactions
  • Alberta Residential & Commercial Transactions
Acorn Law Real Estate Services

We have Alberta expertise too.

In addition to BC matters, we can provide legal advice for Alberta. This allows our local clients who have Alberta ties to deal with one law firm for all needs, in a cost-effective manner. Our firm understands the legal similarities and differences between Alberta and BC transactions. This knowledge allows us to anticipate our client’s concerns and provide advice on how best to bridge the gap between provinces.

Some things to think about.

Extra Costs

Take into account estimates for property taxes, strata fees, utility fees, and property transfer tax. These extra costs can quickly add up and leave a buyer unprepared to close.

Mortgage Docs

If you’re nervous about your mortgage documentation, don’t hesitate to ask for a copy of your commitment in advance of your appointment. That way we can catch any discrepancies and be ready to address your questions at the meeting.

Acorn Law Real Estate Services

Bank Info

Have a void cheque or your bank deposit information handy. Having this on file means we can deposit sale funds or excess funds directly back to you, so you can avoid making a trip to the bank with a cheque.

Native Land

Insurance requirements vary from sublease to sublease. If you’re purchasing a home on Native Land, obtaining a copy of your sublease early on and providing it to your insurance agent will ensure you have the correct coverage in time for closing.

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